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Many first time home buyers think of the age of a home like a time bomb. With age comes costly repairs and renovations that are often avoided (or at least prolonged) if you buy a newer home. While it is true that older homes are prone to needing more upgrades, they also have many advantages over newer homes. What you don't often hear is that if an old home is maintained properly, it can be as good if not better than living in a newly built one. Old homes often come with perks that are forgotten or ignored in the buying process. In this article, we'll go over some of the best reasons to own an old home, and some of the things to look for when house hunting.

1. With age comes wisdom

Old homes are filled with history. From the people who built and lived in the home, down to the tiny architectural details, these houses will shed light upon what life was once like in your neighborhood. For those eager to learn about the history and culture of their neighborhood, it has never been easier to access historical data from internet archives or your local library. Aside from being historically significant, old homes are also aesthetically interesting. Depending on the architectural style and location of your home, it could have been built using any number of materials and techniques. Today, mass production has made home-building much more streamlined and efficient. Unfortunately, that has come at the cost of some originality in style.

2. Cost

In many instances, old homes are cheaper to buy than new ones. One reason is that sellers assume that buyers will have to pour money into the home to keep it updated and adjust the asking price. Another is simply that your average homebuyer values new homes over old ones. If you enjoy older homes, that gives you a financial advantage. For those homebuyers interested in do-it-yourself repairs and upgrades, buying a "fixer upper" is a great way to save money. However, be aware that some repairs should be better left to the professionals, especially when dealing with hazardous materials like lead paint and asbestos.

3. Location

America is a young country. So the oldest homes tend to be built in centralized and urban areas. That often means easy access to things like grocery stores, schools and highways. Aside from being convenient, old neighborhoods also tend to have developed communities and landscapes. The streets are probably lined with aged trees that provide plenty of shade, and there's a greater likelihood of having nearby parks or ponds.

4. Prime land picks

Older homes tend to have the best plots of land because, well... they got the first pick. As a home buyer, this could be a huge if you're looking for a larger backyard or one with great natural features like aged trees and natural bodies of water.   When you're out hunting for new homes, don't look past the older homes. You might find that they have many benefits that are great for you and your family.  

This Single-Family in Woburn, MA recently sold for $749,900. This Colonial style home was sold by Stephanie McGowan - Waterfield Sotheby's International Realty.

17 Darling Drive, Woburn, MA 01801


Sale Price

Full/Half Baths
Picture perfect! Move right in to this pristine 4 bedroom Colonial located on a lovely quiet street! This beautifully maintained and sun-filled home features many wonderful details including a great open floor plan, hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, paneled wainscoting in dining room, bright living room and family room with gas fireplace and a gorgeous eat in kitchen complete with breakfast island, stainless steel appliances and doors leading to a deck overlooking a fabulous backyard with the privacy of conservation land. Second floor includes a spacious master bedroom suite with an enormous bonus room/walk-in closet! 3 additional bedrooms and family bath complete the second floor. Additional space abounds in the unfinished lower level which includes high ceiling height, direct walkout access to backyard and plumbing for a bathroom. This special home is also conveniently located to schools, shops and transportation! Welcome home!

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When spring arrives it brings everyone out to the backyard for games, cookouts, picnics, and a number of other fun, fair weather activities. It also brings yardwork.

With the busy schedules that most homeowners have, it can be difficult to find time to spend hours working in the yard each weekend. Depending on where you live and the size of your backyard, there are many options for making it a bit easier to take care of your lawn and garden.

In this article, we’ll give you some advice on how to make caring for your backyard a lot simpler so that you can spend your time outside enjoying the weather rather than working up a sweat.


In most suburban and rural neighborhoods, lawncare seems like a competition. Everyone wants their grass to look as green as their neighbor’s. But keeping a meticulous lawn can be difficult if you have kids, pets, or just don’t have the time to spend manicuring and fertilizing your lawn. What’s more, lawncare can get expensive quickly and can go wrong just as quickly in the case of droughts and pests.

There are many ways you can simplify your lawn care. If you love having a lawn, but mowing is a pain, it can be easier to remove some obstacles from your yard. Bird baths and other decorations can be a nice accept, but sometimes they make mowing more difficult than it needs to be.

If you don’t want to deal with grass at all, or want a smaller area to mow, you have a few options.

You could make your yard more of a natural meadow by planting wildflowers and encouraging long grasses. Laying a brick path down the middle creates the air of a walkthrough garden where you can view the many florae that will be ever-changing in your yard.

If you like your yard to look neat and tidy, creating a patio and placing a few choice potted plants and trees on it will save you a lot of time pushing the lawnmower.

Choose the right plants

Many people plant bushes, trees, and flowers based solely on the fact that they like them. It makes more sense in the long run, though, to choose your plants based on their hardiness, and your ability to care for them.

Some plants are marketed as being impossible to kill. However, you should still read the care requirements to make sure they’ll work with your yard’s climate, light, and water conditions.

In warmer climates, cacti and succulents are a good choice and will likely fit the scenery. For colder climates, there are a number of conifers, shrubs, and bushes that will stay green throughout the winter, adding a bit of color to the dreary season.

A good way to make sure your yard will be low maintenance year-round is to use plants and trees that are native to your area. Since they’re in their natural habitat, they’ll likely require less work on your part.

Obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States. A number of factors contribute to the obesity problem in America. Larger food portions, sugary foods and beverages, fast food and a more sedentary lifestyle are a few major factors. Psychological issues like depression and anxiety can also cause obesity, especially as people look to food to lift their mood and serve as a source of comfort. If you’re not careful, your house could also help to make you fat.

What makes Americans fat

According to Public Health, some people confuse eating as an automatic link to nutrition. It doesn’t matter what is consumed. To some Americans, any food is seen as providing nutrition. The fact is that many foods, particularly processed and fast foods, don’t provide adequate nutrition. Yet, portion sizes might be large.

Lack of sleep and low quality sleep help to pack on pounds. Most jobs no longer require workers to move enough to receive even a moderate amount of exercise throughout the day. If a diet is high in calories, sitting all day can have short and long term negative effects.

Spending hours at a computer while you knock out one work at home project after another is a good way to gain weight. You’re busy and you certainly feel like you’re expending a lot of energy, but you’re sitting. A workaround for this challenge is to install a standing workstation at your home. Another option is to get up from your desk once an hour and do light to moderate cardio for 10 minutes. You could also do leg lifts at your desk. Simply raise and lift your legs while you’re sitting.

However, those steps only address one way that you could be using your house to make yourself fat. Colors, pictures, clutter and cleanliness at your house could dampen your mood. So too can lack of natural sunlight. To compensate for feeling down, you might eat bread, drink sugary beverages or snack throughout the day or night.

You could create a more positive home by painting the walls at your house light neutral colors. Add potted flowers, framed motivational slogans and upbeat pictures to your house. Also, stock your bookcases with inspirational and motivational books. As a tip, plants are great for keeping the energy and air inside your house balanced. When temperatures are mild or warm, open the windows, inviting cool, natural breezes inside your home.

Open your drapes, shades and curtains and let natural light steam inside your home. It may take discipline, but get into the habit of exercising for 45 minutes or longer each day. An easy way to exercise at home is to put a treadmill and exercise bike or rowing machine in your basement. But, don’t just install the exercise equipment, actually exercise five or more days a week.

Avoid using your house to make yourself fat by paying attention to what’s in your refrigerator. Toss sugary drinks, white bread, potato chips, cookies and other foods and beverages that are high on calories but low on nutrition. You may feel more energetic, balanced, connected and positive. You also might sleep better.

Many people are averse to shopping at the dollar store because they assume that the quality of the items there are inferior to those at other stores. Others simply assume that since many of the products aren't recognized name brands that they aren't good products. However, there are some dollar store deals that are always worth the dollar. One issue that many people have in a dollar store is that they walk down the aisle filling their carts with impulse buys thinking, "It's just a dollar." But those dollars add up and you'll find yourself buying things that you don't really need or items you could find cheaper by buying in bulk elsewhere. In this article, we'll cover some of the most useful items that you can find at your local dollar store.

Holiday and party supplies

Let's face it, the kids don't read their cards or observe their wrapping paper. They're more concerned with what's inside. When it comes to party prep, you can save a huge amount by buying everything at the dollar store. With the exception of paper products like napkins and paper towels, you'll get more for your buck at the dollar store. Some items to look out for:
  • balloons
  • plastic cutlery
  • large tin food containers
  • cards
  • wrapping paper

Tool kit supplies

If you don't feel like going outside to your shed every time you need to tighten a screw, or if you live in a small space and don't want bulky tools laying around, making a small toolkit is the way to go. And the dollar store is the place to start. Buy a small, empty toolbox and fill it with items from the dollar store. Some useful items to include:
  • nails and screws
  • hooks and hangers
  • screwdrivers
  • pliers
  • adjustable wrench
  • tape measure
  • super glue
  • tape
  • a pair of work gloves

First aid items

Every home and every vehicle should have a first aid kit. However, good kits can be expensive and the items within them have expiration dates. Rather than spending a lot on a kit you (hopefully) never have to use, fill a small box or bag with first aid items from the dollar store. Some first aid essentials to put inside:
  • assorted band-aids
  • burn cream
  • medical tape
  • antibiotic ointment
  • support bandages
  • small scissors
  • gauze
  • antibacterial wet wipes
  • aspirin
  • hot or cold compress

Cleaning products

Not every cleaning product will be cheaper at the dollar store. And for products you use often it might make more sense to buy in bulk online or from a wholesale club. However, there are some cleaning items that you will almost always save on at the dollar store. The key to saving on cleaning supplies from the dollar store is to buy generic brands. They often contain the same ingredients and are sometimes even made by the same manufacturer. Sometimes the only difference is that dollar store products may be diluted more.

Kitchen Utensils

Most dollar stores have a large kitchen section that includes useful items like various sized spoons and spatulas. You can also find other kitchen essentials like sponges, dish scrubbers, sink stoppers and strainers, measuring cups and much more.